MAKEL Insulation and Production Technologies

MDH Makel Corporate Group has been your reliable solution provider and partner for different sectors for more than 26 years with its extensive and unique research & development units and production capabilities around the globe. MDH Makel Corporate Group provides the best solutions with high-quality products and delivers them to your doorstep wherever your business is. All is happening because of our vast experience in the sectors we are, our enthusiasm for using high technology and our never-ending energy to search for impeccable results. We continue to invest in our clients worldwide with our sales and production facilities in 3 Continents.


To be among the top 3 companies that are preferred and trusted globally with their production quality in the insulation and insulation product manufacturing sectors we serve.


To make a profit for our partners and to respond to the expectations of our customers in the best way possible in a constantly changing competitive environment. To ensure continuous improvement by adopting the Quality Management System in our organization, to evaluate its effectiveness and to keep our service and quality at the highest level by reflecting technological developments, legal requirements, and our activities with our expert staff.

Innovative, Fast & Efficient Solutions

As Makel, we first established a medium size factory to design, produce and become part of thermal & acoustic insulation projects for the automotive sector. In a concise period, with our production skills, fast but accurate work and a very high quality control system, Makel first became the Tier 1 insulation supplier of MAN Truck and Bus. Over the next decade it reached the position of Tier 1 supplier to many major OEM companies. The dynamic team added up white goods, agriculture and other machinery, construction and packing industries and soon had to move to a larger facility.

One of our focus points is the rail systems, train and tram sector, and our production in this specific area has increased by many awarded projects. Subsequently, Makel became the certified supplier of Volkswagen Group, Mercedes and Ford. Thus, we grow into serving as Tier1 and Tier2 to Turkish and Global commercial and passenger vehicles automotive sector.

Codes Of Conducts

MAKEL believes that the highest codes of conduct are directly connected with business life. MAKEL devotes itself to:

To provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers and the community
To provide employees with a safe, healthy and satisfying work environment;
To provide a superior investment return to our shareholders and
To contribute to all the countries and societies in which we operate as a good corporate citizen.

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