Working with a focus on customer satisfaction, being in constant cooperation with customers with the goal of zero defect, and meeting their expectations correctly as soon as possible, taking into account the relevant legislation conditions, and being open to new productions in line with their demands.

Makel has quality certificates;
- IATF 16949:2016
- ISO 14001:2015
- ISO 9001:2015
- ISO 45001
and compliance to VDA 6.3 quality expectations, approved by customer audits.

To minimize customer complaints by giving importance to quality control.

It is to ensure that our personnel work in a healthy work environment, without worries about the future, and to increase their personal skills by arranging training programs for each of our employees. To increase our business volume together by working to ensure continuity in our relations with our suppliers.

As a company sensitive to society and the environment, to comply with the legal regulations and to fulfill the requirements of the standards.

It is to do the necessary work to ensure that the investments made in our company return profitably as soon as possible without compromising on quality.

MAKEL aims to apply and develop lean and proactive environmental and energy management systems within the framework of sustainable development principles in product, production and service activities.
For this purpose;

  • Any kind of waste disposal process is perceived as loss of natural resources, develop methods to prevent pollution.
  • It ensures the reduction of waste at the source by adhering to the principles of improvement and reuse without compromising its quality on a process basis.
  • It aims to maintain natural resource management in the best way by aiming to use all kinds of hazardous materials / waste management and protection from accidents.
  • The design of energy efficient processes continuously improves the energy performance with the foundation of products and services.
  • It aims at the efficient use of energy by following the developing technology, by providing applicable legal and other conditions.
  • Develops innovative solutions in products and processes to combat climate change.
  • It considers compliance with all legal and other requirements, as well as international business standards, as essential requirements in its processes.
  • It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by organizing improvements in processes and interactions.
  • It aims to minimize energy and water consumption, waste generation, water and air emissions by educating its employees and using continuous improvement tools.
  • All chemicals are stored in an air-conditioned chemical warehouse, taking precautions against leakage, flashing and explosion risks.
  • In production, care is taken to select chemicals that will not harm the person in case of eye contact, skin contact, inhalation or swallowing. In these cases, appropriate personal protective equipment is provided to people working with chemicals that may cause harm, and it is reported that its use is a legal obligation.
  • Once a year, air samples are taken at different points and volatile organic chemicals are measured.
  • All chemicals; production date, expiry date, packaging opening date, etc. are followed with a special labeling system.
  • Chemical wastes are delivered to licensed disposal companies and disposed of.

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